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Welcome to the Profitable Nurse Entrepreneur

You’re in the right place if you’re a nurse who cares deeply about your community, the planet, and social justice, and you want to start, stabilize, or expand a business that improves your life and the lives of others.

You might be wondering how you can START a business and

~ Generate the revenue you need

~ Trust that you can do something you love

~ Enjoy using systems that grow a secure, sustainable, and ethical business

You might be wondering how to STABILIZE your business because

~ You’re not making enough profit

~ The learning curve seems endless

~ The advice you’ve had hasn’t worked

~ You’re worried you’re going to fail

If any of these describe you, I’d like to introduce you to the Profitable Nurse Entrepreneur®.


Profitable Nurse Entrepreneur Starter Kit®

This DIY Starter Kit helps you set up your business model, business plan, legal framework, business message & marketing path... for $1

Complimentary Business Q&A Office Hours

Bring any question or challenge to our complimentary Business Q&A Office Hours on Zoom on the first Tuesday of every month.

Business Structure & Strategy Mentoring

Receive guidance through small groups, private 1:1 sessions, or audio recordings. Pick the one that serves you best!

Access Your Nurse Business Mentor on the Fly

Both of our private business mentoring packages include unlimited quick questions by text or email.

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We Help Nurses Start, Stabilize, and Scale Thriving Businesses While Living a Life They Love. 

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